Wednesday, February 02, 2011

In San Franciso

Jan and I have made it to San Francisco. The flight was only an hour and it looks like a totally different city. The weather is great, we have been checking on the weather channel and the other side of the states is totally snowed out. I met ladies at CHA that were leaving early hopping to bet the snow storms. They were worried that if they got delayed that they might not get home for a week. At the airport this morning while we were booking in, they cancelled all fights to New York. We arrived at lunch time, caught a shuttle bus to our hotel which is in union square. The cable car is right outside our hotel. So we got on and headed down to the bay, I decide to ride the running board and take photos from outside the trolly car. We thought we would walk to fishermans wharf, we didn't get far before it started to get dark, so we headed back. Across from our hotel is Macey's, Jan and I went to the cheesecake factory for dinner. The main meal is so big here in the states that we both didn't fit the cheesecake, so we plan to go back tomorrow and just have the cheesecake. We have booked into a tour tomorrow, we will be going to see the giant redwoods, Muir Woods and Sausalito. We will be also be doing a tour of the city from the bay to the ocean with photo stops at key locations.
Will post again tomorrow


  1. San Fransico, looks like such a beautiful city Jane. I hope you are really enjoying your time there.... not long and you will be coming home. I hope your weekend, is relaxing and exciting, and you are looking forward to coming home. I can't wait to hear all the exciting news. Steph xo

  2. hey Jane..... please pop over to my blog I have a litle surprise for you gorgeous girl ....hugz x

  3. I miss your posts, I hope all is OK since you came to USA.

    Syd Egan