Thursday, December 06, 2018

Finally some New Kits - About Time

Hello Everyone.
I know it has been a while but I am still around, teaching classes from home and working on more kits. I am also teaching on a cruise ship in February - there are limited spaces if anyone would like to join me. You can contact me if you want to know more, I will do a post next week with more information on the cruise and the other teachers and what I am planning on teaching.
 Today was a very hot Adelaide summer day and Kate and my youngest grandson Joey (9 months) spent the day with me in front of an air-condition.
I have been busy over the past few weeks kitting up a heap of new projects, writing the instructions and inking and painting some of the embellishments. Some kits are old favourites that I have taught at Expos but just never got around to kitting and putting on line.
Kate and Joey have put them all online and they are ready to go.
Just click on the link to find them.
Janes New Kits - they are under "New in Store" on our website.
So there are three new card kits and 11 new layouts.
Next week Kate and I with Joey's help will be doing the finishing instructions for the Raining Cats and Dogs book and box, so we are hopping to have it ready before Christmas then you can do it over the New Year Holidays. I will be in touch with everyone who has placed a pre-order.
Here are some of the new kits ready to go.

Controlled Mayhem to Dazzle and Delight Kit $19.
 Happy Days at the Beach $18

 Happy Memories $24

Make a wish on a Starfish $19

School Days $17
 You put a spell on me $16.
Happy Days $40
 It's a Boy Thing $40
Once upon a Spring Time Double Layout $28.
Christmas Magic Cards $25
 Safari pop out Cards $25
  Nature's Sketch Book Cards $26

We have limited amounts of some of these kits due to the papers used being discontinued. So if you are wanting a particular kit then don't leave it too long before ordering.
I have another 6 kits nearly ready to go, they include more layouts, some patchwork kits and some more project life style layouts.
so I hope you find one or two kits you like and have the perfect photos for.
thanks for looking and see you soon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Finished Junk Journal Page

Hi Everyone.
Here is my finished Junk Journal page. I will be teaching this at Cumberland Park Community Centre this Saturday 24th at 10am-2pm.
You will get to play with stamps, Lindy's stamp Gang sprays and more. I had a lot of fun making this page and can't wait to share it with you.  I have been making junk journals for a while now, but rarely get to teach them. Now as I am not working full time and have more time to play, I have decided to make a new journal and teach it each month. This months page is called "Time Flies when you're having fun. You will get a stamp set included in your "Junk" kit to use on your page. 

I will be supply all the "junk" for this page. You also won't need a journal for this class as each month you will make a page using different paper for your foundation pages, we will be binding it all together at the end.
I have a list of mixed Media items you can bring, if you don't have them, then you can share some of mine or purchase on the day.
Please bring to the class following items if you have them.
White pigment gel pen, + black sharpie or fude ball pen.
Stabilo pencil.
Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays.
Black Archival Ink Pad.
Baby wipes and paper towel.
Larger junk mail catalogues ( for working on) eg Harvey Norman, Woolworths or larger Foodland.
Gel Medium and Gel Glue.
Double sided tape.
Any clock stamps and a selection of your favourite detailed, background and image stamps and acrylic blocks.  You will receive a stamp set as part of your "Junk". Remember you can use my stamps if you don't have any of your own.
Acrylic blocks for your stamps if you need them.
Basic scrapbooking kit.
This is a four hour workshop to be held on the 24th February at 10am-2pm.

At the Cumberland Park Community Centre 388-390 Goodwood road. Cumberland Park.

Cost of Class $20 + $12 for "Junk"  which also includes a stamp set.

I also want to share a layout I did for Imaginarium designs this month. We had to do a project for February featuring the colour red. I chose to do a layout on Anna dancing at her big sisters wedding.
Anna loves dancing and has no inhabitations about what people think of her. Whilst this can be a hindrance in some areas of her life. It leaves her free to do what ever she enjoys doing with abandonment. She danced the night away with everyone and anyone who would join her on the dance floor.
This is quite a simple layout and one we could do Saturday 24th in the afternoon after the junk journal class if anyone is interested in staying on. The cost of this class and kit would be $25
Love the look on Anna's face.

Some of the detail on my layout.

If you have any questions about these two classes or want to book in, please ring me on 82771298.
hope you can join me.

Friday, February 16, 2018

So How Far Have I got in 2 Days

Hello Everyone
So my Wednesday started out so well.
To refresh - blank page, high hopes, great expectations.

I Went from This!

To this,  quite quickly.

Then to this, when I remembered I had to make 300 Sausage Rolls. Then tea, the dishes and Bed
So that was my Wednesday done and dusted!
Day Two - Thursday.
 Spent the morning holding Violet  while her Mum did some house work and made cheesecakes.

Played with trains with Harry and watched a bit of Toy Story 2. Harry doesn't like sitting for too long so we didn't get to see the end. 

Then home to work. Visitors for tea, then back to play. By bed time I had this much done.
Very happy with my foundation page for my junk to sit on.

 Detail of the stamping and colouring on my bottom right page.
Please let me know what you think.
Day 3 - Friday
 Anna's birthday today - so off to Marion for the day shopping, then having the rest of the kids for tea. Have a pile of so called "Junk" sorted to add to my layout, will post some photos of the finished page and when I am teaching it tomorrow.
thanks for looking


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Junk Journal Page 1

Hello Everyone
Today I am starting my new Junk Journal. There is something exciting about a fresh empty page, the posabities are endless, where do I start?

Some of the "Junk" I found today, I think it is a Japanese book and the tiniest jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen.
The page is for my first class on the 24th February at the Cumberland Park Community centre.

Will post some more images as the page comes together.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

What I have been working on today!

Hello Everyone
I am teaching tomorrow Friday 9th of February at Cumberland Park Community centre and I still have some room in my classes for anyone in Adelaide wanting to join me.

First up I have a Graphic 45 Layout Class. You can bring a 4x6 inch photo for the layout out if you like or add it to your page later on. I have used some papers from Penny's Paper Doll Family and a couple of papers from two other Graphic 45 collections. The chipboard is from Imaginarium Designs. I had the perfect photo for this layout, its one taken of my four daughters mucking around and is a favourite of mine. I will put the layout into a kit once I have taught it. Cost of the class is $16 + $20 Kit. The class is at 10am till 12.30pm. Please ring me on 0416053688 or 8277 1298 to book in.
Second class is my Graphic 45 Project Life Style Double layout. I have designed these layouts to use all the those small photos you get when you buy a school photo bundle. There is room for 13 photos over two pages.  This should be enough to display your child's entire school life, showing how he/she has changed over the years. I really enjoyed designing these pages, they came together beautifully.
The class is at 1pm-4pm and is $16 + $22.  Please ring me on 0416053688 or 8277 1298 to book in.
Not sure if this will end up in a kit, please let me know if any of you want one.
Still have another three projects to do for classes on Saturday and Monday, so back to work.
Thanks for looking

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Day Ten 30th December

Fairie Dust BillBoard

 Todays project is a billboard. This is a chipboard off the page piece that I designed and John did for me a few years ago. I have made lots of different themed billboards over time. 
The new Fairie Dust Collection from Graphic 45 is so perfect for this project and I just love al the soft colours and images. I have used a photo of Anna, but really want to do one for my granddaughter Isla's second Birthday day. I will make another one just for her.

I brought this little china stand from Bed, Bath and Table and have just been waiting for the perfect project to display on it.


I will keep it on display under a class dome so the dust doesn't get to it.

I have a whole box of mini mushrooms in three different sizes. I have bagged up some and put on the Seriously Scrapbooking website. They are under Embellishments - Bits and Pieces.
You get 11 pieces for $3.
The is kit for the billboard is online at Seriously Scrapbooking's website, just click on the title of the project and the top of this post and it will take you to the website.
So that's it for today, another project tomorrow hopefully - not sure what it will be.
thanks for looking


Friday, December 29, 2017

Day Nine 29th of December.

So my January Collection kit layouts are finally now done, I still need to write the instructions which will take a few days. I just love this range of papers from echo Park. It is just perfect for little people or a day at the zoo with the family or even a themed birthday party. There are lots of stickers so you can customise this kit to better suit your little person. I am going to do two sets of this kit. One will be for my two nieces - we spent a day at the Adelaide Zoo when they visited us from Perth a few years ago.  The other kit will be for my granddaughter and her day at the Sydney Zoo - still to happen.

Best Day Ever Single Layout.

Our "Adelaide" Zoo Adventure Double Layout ( I have to add the word Adelaide myself).

Don't feed fingers to the Animals Double Layout..

Stay Wild Double Layout.

Just Be You Single Layout
The colours are so bright and lovely and would look great with any photos. This kit will go online at Seriously Scrapbooking on the 10th of January. Kit includes, paper pack + extra papers + cardstock + ephemera pack + ribbons + brads + Imaginarium Designs Chipboard. You will need double sided tape, foam tape and a brown ink pad.
So a project for today - Think I might do a card set for something different.
Please enjoy and thanks for looking

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day Seven 28th December

So my early start hasn't happened due to me suddenly remembering at 6pm last night, that I had a 6kg piece of pork needing to be used and dealt with right away. So pulled pork it was, I had to use my
13 litre stock pot as it was too big to put in my crock pot. So slow cooking in the oven +  6 kg of meat = pulling pork at 2.30 am!!!!!!!!!

I did do one page for my collection kit, this is my foundation for a single layout. I still need to add some extra bits and pieces. I love chipboard chevrons and arrows so I will add some of them + a photo and journaling.

I am just going to do a post on Seriously Scrapbookings Blog for the sale then back to work on the set of layouts. May do a double next. Will post the finished layouts tonight.
Pull Pork Buns with chunky coleslaw for tea tonight.
thanks for looking
PS no progress on my table - still piled up high.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Day Eight 27th December

So it's nearly 5pm and I am just starting my project for the day. Thought I would share a photo of my work table. I have spent most of today unpacking 12 boxes full of odds and ends and bits and pieces.

Seriously Scrapbooking is having a huge sale on the 5th and 6th of January and I am needing to sort out about another 25 boxes of stock and stuff to organize for the sale. I have 40 boxes already sorted and ready to go. So my work table is a huge mess, with the too hard to deal with items. So I think I will just do some "I love my Junk" packs. Kate and I did about 100 of them for the Brisbane expo in June this year and they were a huge hit. I will have them ready for the sale. I plan to take photos of all the beautiful products I have for the sale and do a whole post on it. Also need to get my time table done and emailed out tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
So with  a project planned for tomorrow and everything else I need to do for the sale and newsletter. I will have to put my head down and make an early start. Should be a "Fun" day.

Today's project is a collection box kit. I am using Echo Parks Safari Adventure. The kit will include a pack of paper, 2 sticker sheets, cardstock and a pack of ephemera. I am thinking of two single layouts and three double layouts should be about right. I will also include some chipboard titles from Imaginarium Designs as well. The collection kit will be perfect for a day at the Zoo or a child's themed birthday party, or a collection of layouts just perfect for a small person. At $50 a box for the kit,  it is great value.
Can't wait to start- will post later tonight and share what I have got done.
see you later

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Day Seven 26th December

Love and Beloved


This is a layout I did a few years ago but never got around to kitting it up or doing the instructions.
I have remade it and change it a bit, added some extra bits and pieces - ribbons and metal charms. It is one of my favourite layouts and the photos of my eldest daughter and her husband on their wedding day are the perfect colours for Graphic 45's Mon Amore paper collection.

You will need to do some fussy cutting and wire bending, there are step by step instructions are include in the kit along with photos.
Tomorrow I hope to do one our collection box kits. This will take all day as I normally do .4-5 layouts per box kit. So I will have to see how far I get in a day.
thanks for looking

Day Seven 26th December

May Love be the Heart of this Home

I started this layout yesterday, but didn't quite get it finished.  I have done this page for my daughter Kate and her husband. They have just brought their first home and I have wanted to do a layout celebrating it. I just need to visit them and get the photo to finish the layout.
So now I can start todays layout. It is using Graphic 45's Mon Amore collection. I do love their papers and I have 1000's of sheets of papers stashed away. So if you ever need a paper or two then contact me and I will see if I can help. Also I have chosen a couple of Imaginarium Designs heart to add to my layout.
Well back to work.

Will post the finished layout later today.
Happy Boxing Day.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Day Six 25th December

Well Day Six is nearly over and I am only just getting to share something with you all now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends. Celebrating your own family traditions and making special memories to last a life time.
Christmas time is not always the wonderful day we hope it will be. For some, it is a reminder of Loved Ones no longer with us. Family members who are unable to join in due to all kinds of reasons.
Special thoughts for those her are feeling lonely today, remembering someone who is no longer with them or unable to share the day.
My day didn't quite go as I expected. I did end up creating a huge mess as my Mother and I sorted out 100's of rolls of ribbon. She misses my Dad very much and was a bit lost today. Sorting out cupboards and boxes is one of her favourite past times. So I now have two trestles tables piled up with rolls of ribbons to deal with. Seriously Scrapbooking is having a huge sale early January, (the 5th and 6th) and the ribbons will be heavy discounted. I also plan to put a lot more online on Seriously Scrapbooking's Website.

I did sorted out a selection of papers to work with for today. I decided to do a layout to celebrate one of my daughters and son-in-law's first home. Just need to take a photo of them on their door step.

Again this kit has Graphic 45 papers from a few different collections. Halloween in Wonderland, World Fair and Artisan Style just to name a few. Also I have used some chipboard from Imaginarium Designs.
So I have done lots of fussy cutting for this layout. I still need to do quite a bit of work on it. So I will get up early tomorrow morning and get stuck in and finish it. I will post it tomorrow (without the photo of Kate and Johnny) and share what project I will be working on for day 7.
I should share some photos of the mess I did create.
Again I hope everyone had a special day today.
See you tomorrow