Monday, December 06, 2010

It's Official

I had it confirmed today that I will be teaching at the Scrapbook, Papercraft Expo and Convention. This event is held each year in Brisbane and the dates for next year is 11th -13th of June 2011. I would like to thank Graphic 45 and Printblocks for the opportunity to share my love and passion with everyone attending. I will be teaching 3 classes each day. I hope to do 5-7 different classes some repeated, using "once upon a springtime" and the other new lines we know nothing about yet from Graphic 45, but which will be released at CHA in January. I will be doing layouts, cards, more mini squares and other off the page projects. I will try to let you know when you can book into my classes. Use the link I have created to keep in touch yourself, if you want to. These classes will be open to all and not just people in the trade. That means if you like what I do and would love to do a class, then this is your chance. I would love to see some familiar faces in my classes so please book in.
thanks for looking


  1. Wow Congratulations Jane!! So very exciting for you. *hugz*

  2. Just got the Scrapbooking and Beyond Magazine and was amazed by your book The People I Love. I have never seen anything so amazingly beautiful. You should be more than proud of yourself!! I know there were no instructions because it was such a piece of art, but could you tell me how you did the binding of the book. I just loved the look of the book!

  3. That's so exciting! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do one of your classes (we just got Once upon a springtime in-stunning!) but I know I'll be working at our stall for some of the days. Congrats again!