Friday, December 23, 2011

As soon as I saw the ABC Primer range from Graphic 45 it became one of my favourites. I think its the strong colours and images that appeals the most, and the Calico Kids print paper is one of my top 10 Graphic 45 favourites. I decided to do a layout using one of Kate’s school photos. I love using frames on my layouts, so with this layout I have used the printed papers to create a frame around my page. I have included a step by step for this project so have a go at making one for yourself.
 1.       Remove the middle from the Building Blocks print paper. Make sure you leave the black edge on the frame on the inside as wide as you can, without cutting into the alpha blocks. This will give you a frame to use on our page and some alpha blocks to use on another project.
 2.       Cut your red Bazzill to 10 3/8 inches x 10 3/8 inches. Do not attach to the frame yet. Don’t forget to ink it.
 3.       Cut your Calico kids back to 9 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches. This will remove three squares along one side and at the top. Make sure you check that you are not cutting through any of the pattered squares before cutting. You should have a nice amount of black showing all the way around. You may need to adjust the 9 ¾ inches to make it work. Ink around the edges.
4. Adhere it to the red Bazzill in the middle, making sure you have the same amount showing all the way around.

5. You can now attach it to your frame with a little bit of tape. Once you have lined it up and are happy with it. Carefully turn it over and add more tape over the join on the back.
6.       Cut  One two Buckle my shoe to 8 3/16 inches x 8 3/16 inches. Ink all round the edges. Attach it to your page in the middle. It should fit with one of the squares of Calico Kids showing all the way around.
 7.       Now it’s time for to work on your tag. You will need to cut the mats for your photo first. Use the red bazzill and cut it to 5 inches x 7 inches. From your left over paper cut your tag. It needs to be 3 1/8 inch x 5 1/8 inches. Ink around the edges. Cut your next photo mat. Use the black Bazzill and cut it to 4 ¾ inches x 6 ¾ inches. With the left over black pieces cut your tag to 2 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches. Adhere it to your red Bazzill.  From the left over piece of One two buckle my shoe cut a piece 2 ½ inch x 4 ½ inch and ink around the edges. You can adhere this to your tag as well. 
 8.       Now you can add some of the other bits and pieces to your tag.  Add a piece of stripe paper ¾ inch high and 3 ½ inches long (this in on the back of Calico Kids). It is  wider than the tag, you need to adhere it about ½ inch down from the top and wrap the ends of the stripe around to the back of the tag. Next cut a piece from your left over  Calico kids print paper. It needs to be three blocks long and one blog high. Attach two blocks onto the bottom right corner of your tag and wrap the third block around to the back of the tag. Add the narrow stripe ribbon to the middle of the print and wrap the end to the back of your tag.
 9.       Add the square in your kit with the image on it. Place it on your tag on an angle and with 1/3 hanging off the tag on the right side. Trim the bit hanging off your tag. From your left over bits of buckle my shoe, see if you have an equation that matches the age of your child. Wrap the check ribbon from the back to the front and tie a knot in it. Add two micro brads to the top corner of your equation. Add it to your tag with foam tape, as show in the photo.
 Now attach your finished tag to a sprayed or inked black, tag backing board.

10. Add your photo to your black mat and then adhere it to your red mat. Adhere to your page on an angle and to the right of your layout.
  11. Add your gates to your layout using the hinges and brads to hold the gate to the page. You don’t need to glue them down in the middle.

12. Adhere your tag to your black chipboard tag and tuck it under the photo and gate. When happy with its position adhere it to your page.
13. From your sheet of Grammar School cut out enough letters to spell your child’s name. Use some of your left over red Bazzill and cut it to 1+ 1/4 inch by 1+ 5/8 inch squares to mat your letters with.
14. If you have a chipboard number then ink it and glue it to the middle of your Penny farthing bike. Add it to your tag over lapping the gate, use foam mounting tape.
15. You can now add your letters overlap them along the gate.
16. On the tag you can add your journaling and date.
Materials used:
Graphic 45 Primer Range
1xG4500379 One Two Buckle My Shoe
1x G4500380 Grammar School
1x G4500384 Calico Kids
1x G4500387 Building Blocks
1/7 G45 Alphabet Soup
Graphic 45 Staples Hinges
Bazzill 2X Red and 2X black
Imaginarium Designs chipboard
Tinny penny farthing.
Tag backing board
I love this page and it is the perfect layout for all those school photos you may have.
Thank you for looking.
Wish you all a wonderful time with family and freinds and a safe and happy new year

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