Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now we Wait

I know my project has arrived at Graphic 45. Now we wait, I keep telling myself I only have to wait two weeks to find out if I made it through. I'm not good at waiting. So it's going to be a long two weeks. I am delighted to have made it to the second round so what ever the outcome, I am happy. I love the project I sent them and hope they like it too. Its always hard to know what to make as you don't really know what the people judging are looking for. Any way its out of my hands now. I dug up another of my older layouts for you. This one has photos of Josh & Malc taken at Sea World on the Gold Coast. I hate the rides, but they loved them. I spent the day taking photos and waiting at the bottom of nearly every ride there.

It's still missing one small photo of the kids + husband on the Bermuda triangle ride. I must confess to have a thing about clocks and time pieces. On this page I have stamped and embossed some and even added a watch class with clock bits floating around inside it (top right hand corner).

Well it's time to start working on the new time table and newsletter - so back to work.

Thanks for looking and keep in touch. Hopefully there will be some great news on the 2/4/10


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  1. Good luck Jane. Your projects are always gorgeous not matter what the outcome. Hoepfully we'll see them over at Graphic 45! Sonia x