Friday, January 01, 2010

A days work over a hot Stove

Well here is the finished bottles. The ones on the left are tomatoes. The ones on the right are our famous family German Relish handed down from a Great Grandmother on my husbands side. In case your wondering how much pickle one family needs for a year or that I am a bad cook and lots of relish is needed to flavour the food. NOT SO, I need all the relish for my sausage rolls for which I am well known. The relish is my secret ingredient which makes the sausage rolls stand out from the rest! So I have 6-8 months supply for making sausage rolls.
I have some more collection squares for you. As Nat has updated the Seriously Scrapbooking Blog today, I will post a photo of some different squares on that blog tomorrow. Well off to walk the dog who did keep me up all night. As much as I love fireworks, they should be banned after 1am. We had some still going off at 3am!!!

Thanks for looking and a Happy New Year


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  1. I am definitely going to have to try these sausage rolls Jane. Mum uses Branston Pickles in her's and they definitly stand out from the rest. They sound yummy though. Looking forward to seeing all your collection squares. I bet they are fabulous.
    Steph xo