Friday, January 28, 2011

I am in LA

I am finally here, it's still hard to believe. The flight was a bit boring, 14 hours and not much sleep. Jan and I arrived at 8am and went straight to our hotel. We decided to take a tour bus around Hollywood, it was a double decker bus and we sat on the top. You can get off at different stops and then do some site seeing, and then wait for the next bus and jump back on. The first stop we got off at was at the Hollywood Cemetery. I know what you are all thinking! why the cemetery. Well it's the dead centre of town (a dad joke) From the bus we could see some amazing tomb stones and crypts. It was one of the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen. We got a map with a list of the famous people buried there. As Jan and I are just young girls, we didn't know many of them. It was so restful wandering around looking at the graves. There is a large Jewish part to the cemetery, if fact over 1/2 of it was Jewish. Their head stones were all so lovely, with people faces engraved on them. The mausoleum had to be seen to be believe, it was quiet and cool, with stained glass windows.

On the sides of the walls are marble squares with peoples names and in some walls there are little boxes with glass doors. Some of them have boxes and urns inside. I wish I could add more photos but Jan's laptop is not doing what I want it to do. So I am going to post this and then do another post in an hour or two.

Thanks for looking


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