Saturday, February 25, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

I  love this company, so much that I am going to apply again! As part of the design team submission, you have to create a post with a minimum of 6 projects. So here are some of my favorite Graphic 45 projects. I have lots of new projects to show, but they need to be shown on Graphic 45's blog before I can share them here, so I am going to share some old favorites. I am going to put them into three groups.
First - My Favorite Layouts.
Second - My Favorite Off the Page Projects
Third - My Favorite Books.
 So make a cup of coffee and enjoy my trip down memory lane with Graphic 45 and some of my "all time favorites".
Some of My Favorite Layouts.
This is one of my favorite layouts, I did it for a Japan Scrapbooking Site. The photo is one I took at Alcatraz. I love all the metal elements and the way it all came together. The papers are one of Graphic 45's new releases
 " Tropical Travelogue" and were a perfect match for my layout.
This is another favourite. The photo is of my son Josh, taken when he was about 12. The papers from the "Magic of Oz" were perfect for a boy's layout. I love the images that are on Graphic 45 papers, and the fact that they are perfect for cutting and layering on your layouts.
This is another favourite of three of my daughters. For this layout I used the "Magic of OZ" papers. The travel themed paper was perfect, again I cut the images out and layered them onto another print paper.

  I did this one for a magazine. I love the way you can use Graphic 45 in so many ways. This one let me put lots of little photos on one layout.
 Another favorite layout. You can use different papers from each of the Graphic 45 collections and mix them up.

 I love doing boy's layouts using Graphic 45, the colours are perfect for any layout. For this one I used Graphic 45's "Steampunk Collection".

Some of My Favorite Altered Art or Off the Page Projects.
This form of scrapbooking is a favorite of mine. I love mini projects or altered art projects. Anything that is out side the square! Here are some of my favorites.
 A set of altered art tags, which I hinged together to make a mini book. The Graphic 45 8x8 pads are perfect for these kind of projects as the prints are smaller.
 This was another blog hop, this time with May Arts Ribbons. I used the back of a canvas and lots of Graphic 45 print papers - in fact 9 sheets.
This is another favorite project I did for Diane's Birthday. I am doing this project for a Scrapbooking Magazine in Australia. Each month they are putting a section of the Patchwork Piece in the magazine. It will take 10-12 months to do this project as you need to have 100 decorated squares. I am selling kits for this project if anyone wants to have a go.
Another Blog hop, this was a calendar for Petaloo using Graphic 45's Tropical Travelogue" papers.
Again another project outside the square. This was a hat I made out of  Papers from "Once upon a Springtime" It was a blog hop with 3L.
I love mini off the page projects and this was one I did on Diane.
Another Mini Project, this one was for Josh.
Some of My Favorite Books.
This is a book I made for Graphic 45, it was published in USA and I still get emails from people who had seen this book and love it.
One of the pages from the book. This is a page using "On the Boardwalk" Collection.
Another page from the book using a selection from Graphic 45 papers.
This was another book, this time I made a box for it to go in. It is a pop up book and was published in the USA.

Once of my pages from my Pop up Book using "Once upon a Springtime".
Another page from my Pop up Book. This one is using "Steampunk".
This is another book, with pop up elements. I used papers from the "Magic of Oz" It is a affirmation Book with quotes and photos.
The first page of my book. For this book I used papers from the  "Magic of Oz" collection.
Another page using one of my favorite papers from "Magic of Oz.
There were so many more projects I would loved to have shared with you, but this post is already long enough.  I love Graphic 45 and use it for nearly every project I make. I love all styles of scrapbooking and Graphic 45 have so many wonderful print papers to choose from, there is alway one to match every project.
Good luck to everyone who has entered the Graphic 45 Design Team Call for 2012.
Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Leaving San Francisco for Salt Lake City

Josh and I are at the airport waiting for a fight to Salt Lake City. The screen has just put the weather at Salt Lake as -2. Looks like being a bit cold! We may need to borrow a fur coat or two. Took Josh to Alcatraz for the morning. Then had lunch at a place over looking the fur seals at pier 39. There were lots of them and they were very noisy. It was like watching a big group of kids. Some wouldn't share there floating space and would bully any other seal that tried to get on. Others would clamber all over the others to get to the water. We had a great time here and are looking forward to spending 4 days with Diane at Salt Lake City and some snow!
Just called our flight so got to go.
catch you all soon

Friday, February 03, 2012

Finally Posting in the USA

Finally got some time to post. Josh and I are now in San Franciso. We both arrived in LA on Friday last week. We did a class with Tim Holtz on the Saturday. It was a four hour class with ranger and Tim was one of the three teachers. We both had a great time and Tim was great letting us have our photo taken with him. Sunday was the first day of the show.
It was a big thrill to see my birthday gift I had done for Diane at the show. It was featured on the back wall of the booth. I spent the day wandering around the show spending shop money on lots of new and beautiful papers and embelishments. I even found a gentleman who had some clock charms which he had in his warehouse for over 25 years. I got all 300 of them! So excited as I have a special project planned for them.
 Monday was my day for a demo on Graphic 45's booth. I had a wonderful time and met lots of lovely ladies from all over the states and overseas. Everyone was so friendly and I had a great time. I could have spent all day doing the demo, it was so much fun. Monday night Graphic 45 took those from the design team at CHA out out for dinner. We all enjoyed meeting each other for the first time and catching up with old friends (Gloria and I met last year) Special thanks to the Graphic 45 team, who looked after us so well.

On Tuesday Josh and I spent the day at Disney, we spent a great day doing rides. This one is Josh on the mad hatters tea party ride. We both got into a tea cup which spins around. Josh made it go faster by turning a wheel in the middle of the cup, he was having great fun at my expense! We were able to spent all day there and even got to watch the evening parade which was amazing.
Will post again tomorrow as the internet is playing up and it is way past my bed time.
thanks for looking