Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Days to Go

So with only three days to go until the wedding, I spent the day making 50 meringue nests. They turned out bigger than what I wanted. They are the size of the saucer and 2 1/2 high. Quite a mouth full. They taste yummy and with cream and fresh strawberries will be perfect as one of the deserts. They are easy to make. Just 4 egg whites and 1 1/4 cups of caster sugar. You just put all of it into a bowl and beat for 15 minutes. No adding the sugar slowly spoon full by spoon full. Just set your mixer on high and go and whip a quick scrapbooking layout and come back to find it thick and ready to put on the tray. Cook for a couple of hours at 120. Sue has asked for my sausage roll recipe and German relish recipe. I will put it up next week, when things settle down. Tomorrow more finger food. Whipping cream with vanilla yogurt for the brandy baskets and raspberry sauce to make. A bit more cleaning of house and then collapse into bed. On the back front or is that a back to front way of putting it! Holding up is all I can say, very stiff and sore but no spasms.
Will post again
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here is the Recipe

Well I got 180 made for the wedding.

Chicken and Aspargaus Puffs

4 sheets ready rolled puff pastry

1 cup chopped cooked chicken

1/2 drained canned asparagus

2 tablespoons sour cream

2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives

50g tasty cheese finely chopped

1 egg lightly beaten

Cut each pastry sheet into 4 strips, cut each strip crossways to give 3 rectangles. Roll each rectangle on a lightly floured surface to an 8cmx10xcm rectangle..

Combine chicken, asparagus, sour cream, chives and cheese in a bowl. Spoon a level teaspoon of the mixture onto each pastry rectangle, lightly brush edges with egg, fold in long sides, fold in ends. Place pastries seam side down on glad bake on an oven tray. Brush pastries with egg, bake in moderately hot oven for about 15 minutes or until lightly browned

Makes 48. You can make them 3 hours before needed and cook just before serving or freeze cooked pastries and reheat when needed.

Bonn Appetite.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Working!!

I think I worked out what happened. A visitor Counter I had added to the blog had a link back to their site that let them send a comment advert for their gambling site. How dare they! My side bar vanished from their counter and under. From when I received their comment on my blog , the blog stopped working. Be warned everyone and chose carefully what you add. So our daughters wedding is now only one week away. I am home today from the shop and making Chicken and Asparagus Puffs. I will share the recipe with you all later today with a photo. These little bite size bits are very moorish and one is not enough. I am making 200 for the wedding and 20 for the kids to eat now.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Looking Better

So now the template is working and the text colour is right, but still no side bar. I will keep working on it and see what happens.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having Trouble with the Blog

Hi Everyone
Having trouble with the blogs. As you can see mine is boring. The template will not load and I am unable to change the background colour. Also I have lost all my gadgets from side of the page. Hopefully someone out there will have an idea as to how to fix it. If not fingers crossed that it fixes it self and one day when I log on, like magic it will all work!! The Seriously Scrapbooking one has its own set of problems.
Don't you hate computers. Its OK when it all works but when it doesn't, frustration does not describe the feels I have had today.
thanks for your understanding

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scrapbooking Memories Masters for 2009

It's not long to wait now to find out who the Talented Ten are. The list is already out, but I won't be passing it on. I did make the short list, which was a huge surprise as it was my first time. I did not get the phone call needed. I will try again and leave myself more time. If you receive the masters edition magazine, please look and see if any of my projects are in there. I am hoping two out of the four projects I sent in will be featured. Let me know if I am. Congratulations to the two ladies from the Addicted to Crafts Design Team who did make it. All of the Addicted to Craft Design Team girls who entered made the short list!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

what's New

Hi Everyone
I now have two blogs to update. Mine and Seriously Scrapbooking. I have roped Stephaine and Natalie in to update the shop blog with classes they are teaching. You need to keep checking it out to see what's happening. We have a rule that only one person can update the shop blog each day. Steph has put some layouts she is teaching on Tuesday night. So I can't share what new from Graphic 45 on the shop blog. I just have to show someone, so here is a sample of what we will be getting from Graphic 45!!

They have three new lines and as you can see they are amazing. One for the gentlemen, fun at the beach and a beautiful romantique range - perfect for weddings. I have heard that they are expanding their range to include paper pads and borders as well. Will let you know as soon as they arrive in our store.
Hope everyone in Adelaide is keeping cool - another 41+ degree day for us. I should be cooking for our daughters wedding which is on the 30/1/10 but can't bring myself to turn the oven on!
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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Jane's page for Saturday

This my page I am teaching Saturday 9th Jan at 1.30pm-4pm. I have used Graphic 45 Papers and chipboard to create a boy's page. You can do a different title if you need to. Cost of Class is $15 + Kit (Aprox $14 + Chipboard title). If you would like to do this page please ring the shop and book in - Seriously Scrapbooking 8277 1298.

Friday, January 01, 2010

A days work over a hot Stove

Well here is the finished bottles. The ones on the left are tomatoes. The ones on the right are our famous family German Relish handed down from a Great Grandmother on my husbands side. In case your wondering how much pickle one family needs for a year or that I am a bad cook and lots of relish is needed to flavour the food. NOT SO, I need all the relish for my sausage rolls for which I am well known. The relish is my secret ingredient which makes the sausage rolls stand out from the rest! So I have 6-8 months supply for making sausage rolls.
I have some more collection squares for you. As Nat has updated the Seriously Scrapbooking Blog today, I will post a photo of some different squares on that blog tomorrow. Well off to walk the dog who did keep me up all night. As much as I love fireworks, they should be banned after 1am. We had some still going off at 3am!!!

Thanks for looking and a Happy New Year