Saturday, March 29, 2014

Congratulations To the top 30 Graphic 45 Finalists

Hello Everyone.
Well, the list is out for the top 30 Graphic 45 Finalists. Congratulations to the 30 talented people on the list. Special Congratulations to Laura Denison.  Their are some very familiar names in the top 30, along with fellow Imaginarium Design Team Members and two Australians. I want to wish everyone on the list all the best. I have been working my way through the list and visiting all your blogs. What a tough job for Graphic 45 to choose a team. You are all so talented and your work is amazing.
My husband was on my computer when the email and came through and when he told me my name was not on the list, I felt  quite sad.  I loved my three years being on Graphic 45's Design Team but even more so being part of the family that makes Graphic 45 so special and different from every other company. I couldn't wait for last year to go so I could reapply again. When my name was not on the list, I just thought that Graphic 45 may have decided 3 years was quite enough of me.  Then my husband ask me what a Graphic 45 Ambassador was. I had to read the email heaps of times to take it in. I still have to keep pinching myself. I still to have to find out just what I will be doing, but I am so excited and very honoured once again to be part of the Graphic 45 Family. Thank you so much, Graphic 45 for the privilege of being one of your Ambassadors, I am so looking forward to this year.
I wanted to share another one of my Graphic 45 Books. This one is made using the 12 days of Christmas papers. you need a full pad of 12x12 print paper for this project. I am writing the tutorial for it at the moment.
It is a pop out book, based on an old Victorian Book that I brought at a market stall.

  There are 6 pop out pages, the whole book folds out, so you can have it standing on a mantle piece or table.

I have taught it in my store and the classes when well, so I know it will work well as a tutorial.
One of my ladies had hers on top of her TV leading up to Christmas. Her son, who never notices her projects, asked her to remove it as it kept distracting him, when he was watch TV. He told her he kept looking at it all the time!

I have only shown three of the 6 pages. On the back of each pop out, you can add photo's.  It is going to take a while to write the instructions and do the photo's, so it will be awhile before I get it finished. Once it is finished I will let you all know.
thanks for all the lovely comments left for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wanting to Share some New Kits

Hello Everyone.
Back sharing again and so soon after my last post! Trying to get back on track. Just wanting to let you know that for the past few months, I have been working on getting my French Country Book in a kit and  online, so I can share it with anyone who is unable to do classes with me. My "Women in our Family" was so well received, lots of you contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it. So I have done another book for you all.  This one is beautiful. It has flaps, pockets and more.

The book is made up of two singles and 5 double pages. You get to make the book from scratch along with all the pages.  You will have papers leftover so you can make more tags to add to your book once you have finished. 
 I have done this book for my husband and myself, it's how turn to have a book on us.  When I taught in in our store it took about 10 classes, so buying the kit online is a good way to go. We only have 60 kits available, so don't leave it too late to order one. You can order it as one full kit or order it in three parts. This is to help with the cost. There are more photo's on Seriously Scrapbookings Website along with the kits.
The other projects I have been working on is card kits. Each month in my store I teach cards. I have 15-20 Ladies each month joining me. The above kit is one I taught in January and it was a great class. A bit of a challenge but for those of you up to it, have a go. There are three cards in the kit and they are 3D standing cards. The kits are available from Seriously Scrapbooking. under Jane's Card Kits.

The next set is three "Baby Boy" cards. They are so cute, I have already given mine away. You get to make an easel card, fold card and a gate fold card. You will love this kit and its not too hard. The chipboard is already sprayed white for you. I have include an ink pad so you have a right blue to colour your trains.

The last set of cards are "Baby Girl"cards. Again these are a really pretty set. You could use them for other occasions if you like by not put the baby chipboard words on them. Again a card set that is not too hard.
Remember all my kits come with detail instructions and step by step photos. If you get stuck you can always ring me or email me for help. I sell 1000's of kits each year and I don't get very many emails asking for help. You are all so clever and understand my instruction beautifully.
I have some more card kits to go online next month, one is a male set and one is a female set - perfect for Mothers day.  I also hope to put a Graphic 45 "By the Sea" pop up card set. I am still  doing patchwork pieces. Later this year I will be doing a new project with Patchwork Pieces. They will be in a shabby style for those of you who have asked me to do it. I am starting to teach them in my store, so it should be fun. Should have a finished photo in a week or two. I will post it here and share with you.
Only 4 more sleeps to find out if I have made the second round of Graphic 45.
Just want to wish everyone submitting for the Design Team,  the best of luck, wish everyone could be a winner.
PS Could the 11 people who left me a comment on my Graphic 45 Design Team Post, please email me and I will send some Imaginarium chipboard out to all of you. The winner of one of my kits is Annie M. Please email me at with your address.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

Hello Eveyone.
It has been a while since I last posted, I have had so much going on and have just lost track of time. I haven't been slack or anything. I have done a lot of projects using Graphic 45 along with lots of teaching. But I have been eagerly waiting for Graphic 45 to announce their 2014 design team call. I enjoyed my three years with them so much that I am trying out for the team again. I have had a whole year off from their team and missed it so much. I have a year of Graphic 45 projects that I have been teaching in my store and interstate, also a years worth of projects that have been published in two of Australia's magazines to share.
I love all things Graphic 45, books, cards, layout and off the page projects. I just love making anything with Graphic 45. The colours, images and papers are perfect for my style of scrapbooking.
For my Design Team Audition post I have put together some my favourite Graphic 45 projects from 2013.

This is my French Country Book, it is about 9 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches high. It is also 3 inches thick. It has 7 double pages and two singles.

I have spent the last two months writing instructions for this book, so I can sell a kit online. It has been a big job. Lots of the pages have flaps, pockets and fold out pieces. I wish I could show it all to you. I love this collection, the colours and images are so perfect to work this and this book is just lovely.
I love making books from scratch, so in 2013 I made 5 books in total.

 This was another favourite collection from Graphic 45, again the colours and words were perfect for this book. I am writing the instructions for this book at the moment.

 This book has a fold out part to it at the front, which allows me to have some pop out elements. The lady from "Steampunk Spells" worked so well as a pop up.

Again the colours are so rich and the words, wow I love words. So I fell in love with this collection  as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

This was a project I did for Australian Scrapbook Ideas. It is one of our Australian Magazines.
They shared two pages each month along with the box that the finished book goes in.

It was quite a big project with a book 10x10 inches and the box. I designed it for the women in our family. It has pockets and tags, along with a fold out dress form mini book. I know for a fact that over 70 women made this project as I sold kits for it. I used all the beautiful papers from "A Ladies Diary" which was just perfect.

This book is called the Mae West Quote Book. I design it using Graphic 45's Couture Collection. You need a whole 12x12 pad for this project. Again lots of flaps, tags and fold out pages.

It has a pop element at the back and front of the book.  I am working on instructions for this book.
Layouts are also a favourite of mine. I teach a Graphic 45 layout every month in my store. I seem to do mainly male layouts, but I do female as well.

 One for Kate using French Country. Simple but lovely. Kate helps me with kits and instructions for all my projects. She takes the photos or is my hand model! So the young hands with the beautiful engagement ring is her.

Second love after Graphic 45 - Chipboard and Metals, perfect combination. View from Alcatraz Dinning Room Window. Taken when I visited in 2012.

The Famous Tim Holtz with Josh at CHA 2012.

Lots of lovely bits and pieces on this layout.
  Josh on the Mad Hatters ride at Disney Land 2012.
Josh always features in my male layouts, as he is my only boy. I now have two son's in law, so you may see some new male faces this year. One of the best things about Graphic 45 is the fact that you can mix collections. I love doing this, the above layout has papers from three collection including Steampunk Spells, Steampunk Debutant and Couture!
 This one is for my daughter Leah, again the collection was not a wedding collection at all, but still works so well with this photo. It is the words in "Typography" collection that I love so much.

Another layout using Steampunk Spells. I loved this collection even though it was Halloween which we don't really do here in Australia.

This was a very special project and I taught it in my store. I also took it to the Brisbane Scrapbooking and papercraft expo and it was a huge hit. I found these extra large glass dome and had Imaginarium Designs make me a chipboard diorama to go inside it. I was inspired by  Victorian Domes, that were all the rage during Queen Victoria. People would have all kinds of things under domes, flowers, stuffed animals, minerals and more.  I decided to make mine with 8 compartments and do it for my family. Josh designed me a tree, that would "Grow" up the diorama and wrap around it. There are four of them.
 This is Josh's Room.
  This room, is for my children and has photos of them when they were little.
This is the attic and still needs lots more bits and pieces added to it. If you look carefully you may see a   flying pig!

 Another upstairs room.

 All the trees have quotes on them to do with family and memories. There are also charms hanging from the trees as well.
The glass dome is about 9 inches wide and 18 inches high. It also has a box base (covered with G45 Paper) with a little motor in it. This moves the hole dome around slowly. Just like Magic.

This was another project I did in 2013. This one was for Scrapbook Creations, another of our Australian Magazines. Each month they featured one of the tag sets with instructions. So you could make them if you wanted to. The project needed 55 tags, so I had to design 12 different  kits.

This was the first kit in the collection and I used papers from Little Darlings, one of my favourite paper collections, so sad to see if go.

A male set, this project was made for Leah and Stewart (Son in Law) and so this set is for Stewart

A set of tags for Leah. The finished project had room for lots of little photos, so I included photos from their wedding but also ones of them growing up. As their life changes I can update photos to suit.
The tags are quite small, about 2 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches high. The are great fun to make and quite addictive.

The other thing I did in 2013 was start teaching Card Classes. I keep telling my ladies that I am not a card maker, I just do mini layouts, pop up books and my books but card size. They love it so I must be doing something right.
Flat cards are a bit "flat" for me. So I do mine with pop out elements for at touch of surprise! when you open them.
First up this a pop card from Graphic 45's By The Sea collection. I have fallen in love with this collection. It arrived Thursday and by Saturday I had two pop cards + star mini album and box nearly finished.
I use this pop element in my books, sometimes I use it as an inside front or back surprise, like in the Mae West book. But it works so well for cards. I am writing instructions for two cards using "By the Sea" as you read.

The layout I did on Josh and Tim was so popular that I was asked to adapted  it for a card class. It worked so well. I did three cards but have used one for a birthday already.

The Couture collection had so many beautiful elements that just needed some fussy cutting, which to my card ladies disgust I made them cut. I did three cards in this set. I have done instructions for these so  keep in touch.
These cards are folded and  made so you have two layers to them. This gives them a 3D effect.


 Again another card with the pop element, using an older Graphic 45 Collection.

 Another 3D card, part of a three card set using Steampunk Spells.

 A Christmas set of cards.
There is lots more to share as I had a very busy year but this will have to do for now.
So here it goes.
Wish me luck.
PS Please leave me a message and I will chose someone to receive one of my kits.