Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It is finally here - My 12 Days of Christmas pop up Book

Hello Everyone.
I have finally finished the instructions for my 12 Days of Christmas Book. This was a book I made last year for Christmas.
 As soon as I saw Graphic 45's 12 days of Christmas collection, I knew I wanted to make a pop out book. For a pop out book you need lots of images you can cut out and make pop. This collection has 6 pages full of beautiful images. My scissors worked overtime, cutting and snipping out all the beautiful pieces. It took me about 6 hours to design and make the book. I don't plan my books, but rather just start cutting and creating. I did about 4 workshops - teaching this very special book.
Once it was shown on Graphic 45's blog I started receiving emails from people wanting to know how I made it. So about 3 months ago I decided to write instructions for it.   It has taken weeks and weeks to get all the photo's and the step by step instructions done. I have had to make two books. One for all the photo's and the second one checking the instructions. I still love this book and it is my best book to date. The pop up's work so well - thanks to Graphic 45's amazing papers. I was hoping to get it done in time for anyone wanting to make it in time for Christmas, but it just took too long to do.
Seriously Scrapbooking is selling this kit for me at their online store.
Just click on Jane Tregenza's Kits and you will see it there. They only have about 50 kits for sale.
The instructions for this project is 20 pages long, it's nearly a book on making the book! So the instructions are on a CD, this means you can see it on a computer and enlarge each page to see the step by steps better. Please let Seriously Scrapbooking know if you want a printed copy rather than a cd.

 There are 6 pop up pages and you can look at it as a book by turning each page and pulling the flap at the bottom of each page down. Or you can stand the book up and pull it out and have it as a display piece to put out at Christmas time. I have designed it so you can place a photo on the back of the pages. I suggest that you take a photo of everyone who spends Christmas day with you for the next 7 years. This is sure to become a family treasure and something that everyone will enjoy looking at it.
So now I can start working on the next book. I have a book going on line every month for the next 4, so stay in touch to find out what they will be.
May you all have a wonderful time with family and friends over the holiday season. Special thoughts for those who will  be alone at this special time.
with hugs to you all

Friday, December 12, 2014

G45 Christmas Star Decoration

Hello Everyone.
Graphic 45 has been showcasing some wonderful Christmas gifts, tags and decorations ideas as part of their lead up to Christmas. I was asked to do a Christmas tree decoration and decided to do a Christmas star. I've used one of Graphic 45's tags as the foundation. You can use the back of the tag to add a favourite photo.

it is quite easy to make and I've created a Snap guide with the instructions so you can see how I made it.
Check out How">">How to Make a Graphic 45 Christmas Decoration
by Jane Tregenza on Snapguide.
I have been very busy teaching Graphic 45 classes and have sent lots of projects to Graphic 45, so I should be able to show them here soon. Also have put more layouts and my shabby patchwork on line in kits at Seriously Scrapbookings website.
I hope to get the 12 Days of Christmas Book on line there for anyone wanting to order it in a kit next week. I know it's a bit late for Christmas, but it would be a great holiday project for anyone wanting to make it.
I am off to teach a Christmas page today to a group of lovely ladies.
PS - Please leave  me a comment and I will choose one of you to receive my Christmas Star Project!