Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Introduction on Graphic 45's Blog and some exciting News

Hello Everyone
It's my turn for being introduced on the Graphic 45's blog. This years team is full of amazingly talented and wonderful people, so it will be very creative year for us all.
I have arrange with Graphic 45 to do one of my books on their blog. Each month I will post the instructions on their blog which will include a step by step tutorial. I will have kits for sale for each page at Seriously Scrapbooking's online store. This is a huge project for me, and the whole book will take about 10 months to do. I am planning to do it as a family album with pages for wedding, Christmas, baby with tags and more. The book will be about 7.5 inches wide and 9 inches tall. This the a great chance for all of you who have emailed me over the past few years asking me now I make my books to join me on Graphic 45's blog as I share the whole process with you all. I am planning to start in July, I hope to have sneak peek of the first page in June.
Now to share my latest book.
This is one I did for my final project for Graphic 45 for this year. It got me on the team again for my 3rd term. I did it on my Great Grand Mother. Florence was born in the late 1800's. She had 9 children and live in hard times with her husband out of work after being injure in a work accident.
With this book I started at the end of her life and work backwards. I remember her as a child, she passed away when I was about 12 years old. I had great fun researching her life, I found online newspapers from the time she was alive. I found the manifest lists for the ship her parents came out on to New Zealand from England. This was an amazing find, it contained information on the food, conditions, weather and entertainment, it even included the doctors report.  I found reports on dances held at the local tennis club which included details of the dresses worn by her daughters. School sports day results which had my grandfathers name and the events he won. So much information I still need to include in my book.

This is the first page in the book and is a pocket iwth more photos in.

This is the other side of the book and allows me to tuck more information and photos.

This page shows photos of my Great Grandmother over the years and the fashion she wore.

This is the other side of the page, it is a large pocket and includes a paper pattern from 1912, an advisement from 1889 and a mini book which folds out to allow me to have more photos.

This was a page with photos of Florance with her children. I made it a pocket and added 4 tags.

This page is on my Great Grandfather, and is a large pocket with mini books, photos and his death certificate.

I included information on my Great Grandfathers parents  and their family on this page. I added a copy of my Great Great Grandfathers will, which was written in his hand writing.

This page shows Florence's parents and some information on her side of the family.
I did 7 pages for this book, I will share some more pages another time,
Look forward to sharing the book making joy with you all