Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What an amazing Talented Lady

Art and crafts by Itkupilli
Doing some blog looking tonight and found this amazing lady. Just love her work. Its so lovely, beautiful, amazing and generous. CHECK IT OUT!!!.
She also has some of her work for sale as collage sheets and digital design kits. She is a Finnish designer living in LA. I have used one of her blog designs for my blog.

So So Sorry!

No excuses for not updating. So before I see Sue on Thursday I thought I had better update my blog. Have you been checking out the Addicted to craft Blog? We are working on "12 Weeks to Christmas". Each week one of us will do a project. Mine was this week, so the photo is of a box that you can make. Check out the addicted to craft blog to see more photos. You can make the project and submit. One entry will be chosen each week to win a prize. So keep checking each week.

On the shop front - our birthday went very well. Cake & Coffee and 20% off what a good combination. Classes have been busy and lots of you have been coming. We had our 1st Affirmation class with Heather. The second one will be on a Monday Morning later this month. This class is not to be missed as Heathers work is amazing. Poor Nat has been sick. But getting better. Her classes and projects are just great. Step has some truly creative classes happening. Me, well just lots of the same. I am enjoying my time as a design member for a Addicted to Craft. The other ladies are all very talent and do stunning work. There is a link to their blogs so check them out.
On the home front, well this weekend is kind of special. I am a Christadelphan and once a year we all get together for a special weekend. I am one of the caterers for the weekend with a team of other wonderful people. Normally I do a tea for about 800 people with help from lots and lots of people. This year its hot lunch for 14oo!!. I ask, what do you cook for 1400? I am attempting jacket potatoes with fillings. Will take some photos over the weekend. Should keep me out of trouble.