Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 2

Today was just as full on as yesterday. Steph gave me a wish list for her classes, so I started with the Websters Booth. there I met the lovely Brandin, while catching up with her, Jing Jing stopped by. She recognised me and introduced me to her friend. I am sorry to say that I can't remember her name. She knows Steph, so I am sure Steph will be able to help me out with her name. I also had my photo taken with Heidi, who was teaching a class at Tattered Angels. I have found some new companies and placed orders with them. I will post images when I get back.
Some of the booth's here are amazing. You can tell that some companies have spent lots of time setting them up. Graphic 45's booth is one of the best and not just because I am on the team, but the work on display is beautiful and the decorations and furniture is just amazing. I have included one photo of their booth. I am sorry if the photo is a bit blurry, but Jan's lap top is in mini mode. The scrip size is about 6 and I can hardly read it, so sorry for any spelling mistakes. The same as the photos, I am unable to see them in a large size.
I now have a suitcase full of catalogue for the girls to go through. I have had two projects picked up for publication in the states, which is great.
I have met lots of lovely Ladies from all over the States and caught up with some from Australia. It has be great and I will be wanting to come again.

Tomorrow Jan and I will head to CHA for a couple of hours and just finish a couple of things. Then we intend to do another tour. The next day See's us travel to San Fransisco for 4 days before we head back to Australa.

Will post again



  1. Good to know what my wife is up to!!!

  2. She's having a ball Malc!
    Cant wait to hear ALL the details.

  3. Looks like you're having an amazing time. Have fun in SF.

  4. omg omg you met my Lucy !!!!!! Jane she is one of my closest friends, and I only know her from being on the WPDT and long long talks over at msn, - she is like a clone of me .... which is really scary !!!!! and you met Brandin, omg omg, she is so gorgeous isn't she ??? and JJ, Im sooooo jealous ....... my heart felt so warm and fuzzy seeing you with people Im so close too.
    Im so glad you are having a fantastic time, we miss you at home, and are reallly looking forward to seeing you come back healthy and happy.

    ........ with product samples **wink** xo

  5. it is so wonderful that 2 more of you project will be published can you tell us were I LOVE LOVE you work. Cha lookes so fun and the weather is getting better
    Linda USA CA

  6. Great to meet you at CHA, Jane! I'm Steph's friend with her eyes closed in the photo! lol