Friday, February 16, 2018

So How Far Have I got in 2 Days

Hello Everyone
So my Wednesday started out so well.
To refresh - blank page, high hopes, great expectations.

I Went from This!

To this,  quite quickly.

Then to this, when I remembered I had to make 300 Sausage Rolls. Then tea, the dishes and Bed
So that was my Wednesday done and dusted!
Day Two - Thursday.
 Spent the morning holding Violet  while her Mum did some house work and made cheesecakes.

Played with trains with Harry and watched a bit of Toy Story 2. Harry doesn't like sitting for too long so we didn't get to see the end. 

Then home to work. Visitors for tea, then back to play. By bed time I had this much done.
Very happy with my foundation page for my junk to sit on.

 Detail of the stamping and colouring on my bottom right page.
Please let me know what you think.
Day 3 - Friday
 Anna's birthday today - so off to Marion for the day shopping, then having the rest of the kids for tea. Have a pile of so called "Junk" sorted to add to my layout, will post some photos of the finished page and when I am teaching it tomorrow.
thanks for looking


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