Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where have I been?

Hello everyone,
Wow what a month (or is it two now), it has been. I need to do this post in bullet points.
  1. Congratulations to all the talented ladies and Gents who have made it through to the final round of Graphic 45's design team call for 2012. It was so nice to see some familiar names among the list (including mine) So now I am flat out making my final project to send to the States and it needs to be amazing if I want to stay on the team. Bless wishes and lots of creativity to everyone!1. Karen Zueger - USA
    2. Alberto Juárez Díaz - Spain
    3. Nate Da Silva - France
    4. Nancy Wethington - USA
    5. Romy Veul - Netherlands
    6. Susan Fraser - Canada
    7. Arlene Cuevas - USA
    8. Karen Foy - UK
    9. Maiko Miwa - Japan
    10. Theresa Kimbrell - USA
    11. Nicole Eccles - USA
    12. Shell Carman - Australia
    13. Kristin Wilson - USA
    14. Gloria Stengel - USA
    15. Roberto Cesar dos Santos - Brazil
    16. Melanie Forbes - Australia
    17. Sharon Ngoo - Singapore
    18. Laura Denison - USA
    19. Susan Killam - USA
    20. Clare Charvill - UK
    21. Jane Tregenza - Australia
    22. Denise Hahn - USA
    23. Kelly Klapstein - Canada
    24. DeeDee Catron - USA
    25. Tara Orr - Canada
    26. Torill Fossum Stamnes - Norway
    27. Jim Hankins - USA
    28. Jan Hennings - USA
    29. Tracy Burtt - USA
    30. Susan Lui - Singapore

  2. Have you caught up on the news that I am doing a feature in every Scrapbook Creations magazine for the rest of the year! I am doing a tutorial for my little squares project in their magazine every second month, the other month it will be on their online magazine. I taught this project at the Brisbane expo last year and promised the ladies I would do more and put the kits online. Well it has finally happened, the kits are online at Seriously Scrapbooking. The first kit is  online with the second and third kit to be released on the 14th of March. Seriously Scrapbooking do post overseas, although the website is not quite set up for it yet. Just email them and they will let you know how to go about it. They can also send you the cost of postage before you pay, so you know up font how much it will cost. To make a project like Diane's you will need about 10 different kits. Beware - this form of scrapbooking is highy addictive!  Seriously Scrapbooking have sold nearly 100 1st kits. It is so nice to think that so many ladies want to make one of my projects.
  3. Sam and I have also been working on some of the layouts I have done for Graphic 45 over the past two years and writing instructions  for them, we will be releasing a couple of kits each month with this one being available on the 14th of March. The patchwork kits and new layouts will be released together on the 14th of each month. Our plan is to get about 20 layouts done by the end of the year. I also hope to get some altered art kits done as well.
  4. I am teaching at the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo (hope I got this the right way round) June long weekend. I am doing 9 classes for Seriously Scrapbooking and Imaginarium Designs. I will be using Graphic 45 papers for all three projects. I know that one will be a patchwork project, a male layout and a female layout. All three projects will be using Graphic 45's new Olde Curiosity Shoppe papers. You can start booking into my classes at the end of March on the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo. I will put a link on the side of my blog in a day or two.
  5. If you are a store owner or teacher, I am doing some master classes at printblocks late April, you can contact them to book into my classes.
  6. For CHA Graphic 45 asked if any of the design would like to demonstrate. I put my hand up straight away and was delighted to hear that I could have a spot on the Monday. I did pop up cards. Graphic 45 have put my instructions into a pdf file that you can down load and I have copied the link. Jane's Pop up Baby Card please note that it is a 1.4MB file.
  7.  For CHA the design team was asked to make a tag. Here is some photo's of mine.
  8. This is the front of my tag, it is a mini Booklet.
    The inside with a favorite photo of my girls

    A close up of the detail, love the peacock feather from Imaginairum Designs.
    Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe
    G4500424 Olde Curiosity Shoppe
    G4500426 Counting Down
    G4500428 When Pigs fly
    G4500430 Optical oddities
    G4500432 Butterfly specifics
    G4500425 Mercurial Masterpiece
    G4500435 Bazaar of Wonders
    G4500431 Race for Time
    G4500299 Metal Hinge staples
    Title, mini peacock feathers, border, Flourishes – Imaginarium Designs
    Well that is all from Me I feel that I have finally caught up on my blog. So much is happening at the moment that my head is spinning. But back to work, need to spend the day on my final project for Graphic 45. After every post I am going to put one of my photos from my holiday in the states for the rest of the year. But not this time as this post is already way to long!!!!!
    thanks for looking.
    love and best wishes


  1. My gosh Jane, you are a busy woman!! What a wonderful pile of events you have to contend with, very excited for you!!! All your projects are stunning...

  2. congrats on making the 1st round of G45 DT, Cross my fingers for you XXXXXX :)

  3. hi Jane,
    i was just wondering is there any way i could get a full copy of the steps for this project has i havnt got issue 91,92,93,95 and 96 of the scrapbook creations magazine and i would really love to do this project.. i was going through my old mags today and found it and then realised i didnt have any other issue and ive tried to find the online issue on their website but cant seem to find it :(
    thanks milly