Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Leaving San Francisco for Salt Lake City

Josh and I are at the airport waiting for a fight to Salt Lake City. The screen has just put the weather at Salt Lake as -2. Looks like being a bit cold! We may need to borrow a fur coat or two. Took Josh to Alcatraz for the morning. Then had lunch at a place over looking the fur seals at pier 39. There were lots of them and they were very noisy. It was like watching a big group of kids. Some wouldn't share there floating space and would bully any other seal that tried to get on. Others would clamber all over the others to get to the water. We had a great time here and are looking forward to spending 4 days with Diane at Salt Lake City and some snow!
Just called our flight so got to go.
catch you all soon


  1. Fantastic photos!! Enjoy hearing all about your travels, have a wonderful time....you are!!

  2. Have fun, kids! Tell Josh I'll be stalking him! hee hee