Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Next Page

Well its back to work today, and I am finding it hard to settle to anything, so I have decide to update my blog.
Here is the next page in my book. This is one I did for Anna, my special girl, who is the delight and some times the pain of my life. I used the playtime collection for this one. I fell in love with the "Mary Quite Contrary" print, but found it too busy and wondered where I was going to put my photo! So I grabed my fine point scissors and I started cutting. The tree was probably the hardest bit. Then I put it all back together again. I had this lovely photo of Anna on a merry go round when she was about 4yrs. In looking for this photo I found one of her taken 4 yrs ago at water world. Perfect two photos taken 20yrs apart but with the same theme. A scrapbookers perfect excuse for a layout. This was the first time I tried making a frame around my pages and I love the look. I have used this time and time again. I have a tutorial to put on my blog for making this, so I will post it tomorrow if anyone wants to try it. Bits and pieces of the layout are raised up with foam.
thanks for looking
PS only 23 sleeps to go, still can't believe it.
PPS I am teaching again at Printblocks on March 14th, I know some of you Ladies missed out last time due to not receiving your email, so ring Printblocks and book in. I will be teaching you how to make a book, and it will take all day!


  1. soooo beautiful Jane... a true work of art... love your blurb it is straight from the heart, such a gorgeous pic of Anna ...hugs xo

  2. Those 2 photos are just precious. And love the little dress-up collection you included. Happy New Year !

  3. This is just beautiful Jane!!

  4. It's so so so so beautiful and very unique. Love everything about the book.