Sunday, April 28, 2019

8 Beautiful Projects for Brisbane June 2019

Hello Everyone
I am going to share all my projects for the Brisbane scrapbook and Papercraft & art Expo June 6th-9th 2019.
I am delighted to be teaching at the expo along with a friend of mine and fellow Imaginarium Designs Team member - Sonia Thomason from Perth.
We will also be having a stand selling lots of wonderful product and kits. Sonia and myself will be teaching 12 classes over the 4 days. Sonia has 4 amazing projects to teach and I have 8, so we both are going to be very busy. There is a post on Imaginarium Designs and Seriously scrapbookings blogs showning her projects. 
I am going to share my projects here on my blog for you to see.

Thursday 6th June Session 1: Jane's Sun Kissed Layout.

Join me and make a delightful layout in the beautiful navy, cream, and peach colour scheme of Graphic 45’s Sun kissed paper collection. The page features gorgeous images of children at the beach (be prepared for some fussy cutting) and is finished off with floral accents, metal embellishments and chipboard. You will receive enough papers to create a second page.
Cost of Class and kit $45.

Thursday 6th June Session 2: Jane's Male Mini Album.

This gorgeous little mini album will be perfect as a keepsake. I have made mine to celebrate my late father. This album has fold-out flaps, pocket and more. Plenty of space for photos which can be added after the class. I will have a selection of chipboard titles for you to choose from. Due to time constraints you may not finish this album in the class but you will be given detailed instructions with step by step photos so you can finish it afterwards. The album is about 5 inches square.  
Cost of class and kit $50.

Friday 7th June Session 1: Jane's Mini School Album & Caddy.

Join me and learn how to make the cutest  little caddy box, which you will decorate in the class. The caddy is designed to hold a mini concertina album created to hold a passport sized photo of a child’s school life from their first year to their last. Due to the time constraints of this class you may not get the album made on the day (Detailed instructions are provided so you can finish it later).
Cost of Class and Kit $55.

Friday 7th June Session 2: Jane's Follow your Dreams.

I have been making patchwork pieces for many years and I have created a special set just for the expo. Join me to find out how addictive and fun patchwork pieces are!
This particular set is specially displayed as a free standing frame on a canvas. Perfect for any special occasion like a wedding, engagement, birthday or a special person.
Cost of Class and Kit $55.

Saturday 8th June Session 1: Jane's My Favorite Photos.

I love this layout and the photo doesn't it justice. The layout features photos of my grandson. Using a special chipboard frame from Imaginarium designs, you will learn how to add a rustic finish using embossing powders. This frame is a great way to add multiple photos to your layout. I will guide you through the layout step by step and share with you just how I design and create my layouts, 
Cost of Class $55.
Saturday 8th June Session 2: Jane's Colour your World Eclectic mini Album.

Join me and create one of my fun 6 inch x 6 inch mini Eclectic albums. I will be using papers from Graphic 45’s new Kaleidoscope collection which is bright and beautiful. You will receive everything you need to create an interactive mini album, with a flap pocket and more.  I have chosen a selection of charms, metal embellishments, ribbons and chipboard for you to add to your album and I will show you how to achieve a patina effect on your metals and use oxides inks on your chipboard . Please note that you will not get the whole album made in the class. Detailed photos and instructions will be included for you to complete the album in your own time after the class. 
Cost of Class and Kit $55

Sunday 9th June Session 1: Jane's Box of Memories.  

 Join me and create a Stunning 6 inch x 6 inch box to store personal memories and photos, use this beautiful piece to share your own story or to record another family member. Your box also has 3 chipboard dividers. Included in the kit is a cd with a file of prompt cards for you to print and use for your own journaling. Due to the time limit of the class you will probably only make the box and decorate it. You will receive detailed instructions to enable you to finish rest of project after the class if needed. 
Cost of Class and Kit $60.


Sunday 9th June Session 2: Beautiful You.  

 Billboards are a great way to display a favourite photo. You can get quite creative and have a beautiful display piece. I will take you through the process of creating your own billboard. Using one of Graphic 45’s new collections – Bloom, a heap of flowers, charms, chipboard from Imaginarium Designs and more. You will get to play with sprays, inks and paints as you create your own beautiful display piece. To help keep your billboard looking amazing for years, I will be giving you an 8 inch high glass dome to keep it under
Cost of Class $55.

Well that is all my classes/projects as you can see there are plenty to choose from and hopefully something for everyone. 
Bookings open tomorrow at 10am CST. You can click on the link below after 10am to book in. 
I would love to see you in one or more of classes!!!!
See you there.


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