Tuesday, April 26, 2016

South Pacific Scrapbooking Cruise

Sorry for lateness of my post about our cruise to the south pacific.
I got home 10 days ago, but have needed to help my father who has terminal cancer find a nursing home, help settle him in and support my mum. While getting really to teach at Autumn Escape in New Zealand.
I arived in New Zealand last night, but really wanted to share some photos of our cruise before I start sharing my New Zealand ones. The cruise was amazing, but as always it's the lovely people I met and teach that are the highlights. Two ladies came from England Christina Moore and Mary Gates, who joined me for a two day workshop.

 There were over 5 who were from Adelaide and who can do classes with me any day, but liked the the idea of doing classes to sea.

Then there was the wonderful group of friends from Victoria who had so much fun. I had two barbie dolls in my class one day as well. Trina McClune also had a group of kiwis travel over with her and it was so nice hearing a kiwi accent in my class. Everyone was so nice and friendly and having so much fun. The ship was amazing and needlework tours did an awesome job keeping it working so smoothly and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

 So next year I am teaching again on the same ship, but it will be traveling to the South Island of New Zealand.
Well I need to get ready to travel down to Taupo ready for the weekend.
Sorry about my photos being out of order.
Catch up soon
Jane Tregenza

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