Friday, February 05, 2016

Teaching in Brisbane - Day One

Day one and teaching at The Stampers Hut. The lovely karen was so welcoming and made me feel at home. Her shop is amazing, I have ever seen so much scrapbooking supplies in one small store. I taught 3 classes, starting with mon amore cards in the morning. The two gentlemen in the back row were delightful, along with all the lovely ladies in the class as well. I really enjoyed teaching them all.

 My 2nd class was a by the sea billboard, which the 8 ladies who did the class enjoyed making. Again a lovely group of friendly ladies.

Lunch was supplies by the wonderful and organized Karen, who during the break even changed the classroom around so I could be under the air conditioner (85% humidity - lucky for me my hair still stays straight). Tea at a delicious Chinese restaurant, then the last class. This class was a double layout - the first one I have ever taught outside of my own store. It was so full on, I forgot to take any photos, sorry to the very busy ladies who attended. I know Karen took some. 

 So a full on day spent with a really lovely group of fellow scrapbooking friends. Who all seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a great time. Not everyone finished their double layout, but have all promised me faithfully that they will either email me proof that they finished or will post on facebook. Some were even going home to finish it before going to bed.
Special thanks to the lady who went home and got me a fan for which I was was very grateful for, to the lady who asked me to come back next week and teach again. To every one who wrote such lovely comments in my book and to Karen at the stampers hut, for having such lovely ladies and gents doing my classes, for feeding me and checking everything was ok.
I had a lovely day and look forward to teaching there again.
Special thanks to Alison at workshop wonders for running me around and getting me where I need to be.
Today I will be at TJS scrapping with style, teaching two single layouts, if you would like to join me, then contact her and check if their are any spare spaces.
Another great day planned.

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