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An "Erie Tale" Wedding Layout

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Graphic 45 is sharing one of mine and Clare's projects today. As Ambassador I get to make a project with every new collection Graphic 45 release. I always struggle with their Halloween collections as Halloween is not something we celebrate in Australia, but it is gaining ground. We can now buy lots of bits and pieces for Halloween and lots of my friends are now getting into the spirt of this festival. As we didn’t 'do' Halloween when my kids were small, I don’t have any photo’s of them dressed up as ghosts or goblins. It is always a bit of a challenge to do projects and layouts with Graphic 45 wonderful Halloween collections. I always love their collections because of the colours and images. So for me it’s a case of using it but hiding the 'Halloween' bits. So here is my first take on a Graphic 45 'An Eerie Tale' Wedding layout.
First I started with a black cardstock to give me a nice strong border for my layout. Next I cut a sheet of 'Fanciful Fable' . It has owls on it, but you can’t really see them. I then added another black cardstock and a piece of 'Wicked Whimsey'.
From a sheet of 'Enchantment' I cut two different borders to make frames on my layout – one I adhered to the 'Fanciful Fable' and the other to 'Wicked Whimsey'. I added another piece of 'Enchantment' and did a triple matt for my photo using two black cardstocks and a piece of 'Fanciful Fable'. Near the bottom I added a border from my piece of 'Wicked Whimsey' and layered strips on top to hide the Halloween words.
To finish the page, I added a black chipboard window and shutters from Imaginarium Designs. I added flowers and metal charms to my window. I love metal embellishments, so I added four filigree corners to my layout. I also wanted to add a bit more orange so I added orange brads to the corners of my 'Wicked Whimsey'. A lovely saying, beautiful photo and a chipboard title all go to make this a classic wedding
 Now for another bit of the "Women in our Family" Book.
this is for the first page in our book.
   Page One:
You will need pieces from the following papers
Graphic 45 Print Papers
2x Timeless Memoir     1x Moment in Time    1x Lasting Impressions   1x Ageless Beauty
1x Afternoon Tea    1x Fashion Plates     1x Focal Point    1x Picture Perfect
Black cardstock. Key and Brads, flowers and leaves.
3L photo corners.
For this book you will need an Imaginarium Designs 10 inch x 10 1/2 inch chipboard book. You don’t need it at the moment. You can work on all your pages, add photos then place them into your chipboard book in the order you want rather than the order I have made them.
You will need to take the chipboard book apart and paint a small bit around each edge of your chipboard pages with black paint as each of our print pages are a little bit smaller.
 Each of our print paper pages are going to be 9 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches. Once your pages are finished and you have worked out in which order you want them to go, you can adhere them to the chipboard pages. You will have a bit of black showing all the way around.
Instructions for page one.

You need to cut your two pieces of Timeless Memories to 9 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches.
From your sheet of Ageless Beauty, cut the three postage stamps out from the front first.

Then turn the paper over and cut 6 strips from the back of the sheet. Each piece needs to be about an inch wide. It is important that the pattern on each piece matches. I have inked the edges of all my print papers with a little bit of Tim Holtz Vintage Distress Inks.
For the left page and right page borders:
 You need to put a small piece of tape in the middle of each border and adhere three pieces around the edge of each page. Each piece should fit onto the pages. Use the outer edge of the pages as a guide. You need three pieces of border for each page. The borders need to be at the top and bottom of the page and the left edge of your left page, the right side of your right page.  Each piece should hang off the page in the corners.

 To mitre the corners, you need to place a ruler from the inside corner of the strips across to the outer point where the borders cross over each other. With a pencil draw a line. Use a pair of scissors and cut the top strip only along the pencil line.
Trim off the excess piece of the bottom border along the edge of the top border. Put a small piece of tape under the mitred corner and adhere it to the bottom border. Repeat on the other corner. Carefully lift the whole piece off. Put tape on the three border pieces and carefully adhere them back down onto your page. Doesn’t worry if it comes apart you can put them back on one at a time.



 Cut your sheet of “Afternoon Tea” to 6 inches high and 12 inches wide. Then cut it into two pieces. One needs to be 5 ½ x 6 inches and the other needs to be 4 ½ x 6 inches. Cut your piece of lace border to match.
You need to adhere the 5 ½ piece onto your left page about ½ down from the bottom of your top border. It needs to be right on the right edge of your page. Butt your piece of lace border under it.
Cut a piece of black cardstock to 3 5/8 inches x 7 ¼ inches. Cut a piece of “Focal Point” print paper to 3 4/8 x 7 1/8 inches and adhere it to the black cardstock. Add it to your page with 4 photo corners. It needs to go over your spot piece and fit inside your borders. Cut a piece of black cardstock to 4x 6 inches. Add a photo and adhere it to your page.
Right page:
Adhere your piece of 4 ½ inch wide piece of  “Afternoon Tea” to the left edge of your right page. It needs to line up with the piece on the left page. Add one photo corner to the top right corner only. Butt your second piece of black and cream lace border to your right page.
 You now need to make your pocket. Once it is finished you can adhere it to your right page.

The Pocket:
I used a 7 gypsy’s pocket. Cut a piece of “Moment in Time” 4 7/8 inches wide x   5 7/8 inches high. Trim the top of your print paper piece to match the pocket. Don’t adhere it to your pocket until you have finished decorating the front. Cut a piece from your “Lasting Impressions” you need a strip of the left over bits of your “Timeless Memoir”, it needs to be 7 inches long and about an inch wide. Adhere it across the front of your pocket and leave the ends hanging off.
Choose one of the squares from your sheet of “Fashion Plate” and mat it onto a piece of your black cardstock and add it to your “Moment in Time” piece. Use a large key. I snapped mine in half to make it longer.
Make a hole each side of the two key pieces. Use a fine ribbon to tie the two pieces of your key onto your “Moment in Time” piece each side of your key shaft. You need to leave a gap in the middle, large enough to fit your flower in. You will need to take your flower apart and remove the stamens.
 Use a pearl brad to adhere your flower to your “Moment in Time” print. Ink an Imaginarium  Designs chipboard clock black. Add it to your “Moment in Time” piece on top of your “Timeless Memoir” border strip and to the left of the bottom of your key. Add two small forget-me-not flowers with gold brads. Add two leaves over your clock. Now you have the front finished. Adhere it to your pocket. Wrap the two pink ends of your borders around to the back of your pocket.
 Adhere the finished pocket to your page. It needs to go in the bottom right corner of page about a ¼ inch in from the right side and ¼ inch up from the bottom.

From your sheet of “Fashion Plate” cut out the largest lady image with a little bit of cream around the edges. Add your large lady image to your right page with foam tape. Glue the hand and feet down onto your pocket.

 Tag 1
Cut a black cardstock piece to 4 ½ x 6 inches. Trim the corners off. Cut a piece of picture perfect 4 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches. Trim the corners to match your cardstock tag and adhere the two pieces together. Cut a piece of Focal Point print paper to 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ inches and adhere it to your tag in the middle and add three photo corners. Add the three stamps from “Ageless Beauty”. Punch out two circles from some of your scraps. Adhere one to the top of your tag front and back. Punch a hole in the middle and tie some ribbons.

Tag 2
Cut a black cardstock piece to 4 ½ x 6 inches. Trim the corners off. Cut a piece of “Focal Point” 4 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches. Trim the corners to match your cardstock tag and adhere the two pieces together.
Cut a piece of Moment in Time I used one of the sixxiz dies to cut a shape. Add it to the middle of your tag. Punch out two circles from some of your scraps. Adhere one to the top of your tag front and back. Punch a hole in the middle and tie some ribbons.
The pocket can be used to add more photos to your page, along with your journaling. I have designed the page with space along side the photo of the left page for more information and a title/name.
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Or ring me at Seriously Scrapbooking 08 82771298
Ok, well that's me for this week, I have some cards to share, but am flat out getting ready for our All Day Scrap next week. I have 86 Ladies joining me at Seriously Scrapbooking for a fun filled day.
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