Saturday, March 12, 2011

Off to Brisbane Sunday

I am packing my suitcase at the moment as I am leaving for Brisbane tomorrow for a class I am teaching at Printblocks on Monday. It will be a full on day with a group of Ladies joining me for a book making all day class. I have designed a new book just for Graphic 45 and Printblocks. I will be using the new Curtain Call papers and some of Imaginarium Designs Chipboards. I will be teaching them how to make a book from start to finish, including decorating all 11 pages. They will be using a wide range of different page ideas. Some pages will have pockets and tags, one is an envelope and others are flaps and folding out pages. I will also be bringing another 6 books with me to show other ideas I have used in the past. I spent 3 full days writing instructions for this class, so I will never be teaching another book like this again, unless I don't have to write instructions! I have done a couple of extra kits, so if you are a store owner or teacher and would like to attend then you better ring Printblocks first thing Monday Morning.
For those all already booked in, I am really looking forward to spending the day with you all.
Thanks for looking


  1. Have a good flight, see you Monday! Can't wait ;)

  2. so wish I was there. I LOVE LOVE your books and would love to learn How to make them right. hope you teach in southern California
    some time. Have fun

  3. Thanks for another fantastic class Jane! LOVE the book, and can't wait to finish adding the final touches. You are so clever, thanks for sharing your talent with us! See you in May.