Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mum's Taxi

Do any of you find that you loose a day driving children here and there. I had today all mapped out. As the day was going to be 38-40 degrees, an early start was called for. My 6 month old camera not working and needing to be dropped off in the city. It had to go today as it is needed for a wedding in 4 weeks time. Then a trip to the Adelaide Markets, (my first in about 10 years) for saucing and bottling tomatoes. Then pick up Kate from the airport at 12.45pm., and then home. So much for a plan, 1st change - drop Josh at 10am Burnside, then the camera. Next stop Adelaide Markets. I got 30 kg of tomatoes, two Christmas hams + fruit and Veg. The hams were a bargain, $68 dollars down to $20. A phone call from Beth while shopping meant a dash to pick her up from her walk to the beach. She had started out fine but was finding it a bit of a struggle walking back home. We live at St Marys and it takes us 15-20 minutes to drive to the beach. I rushed to get her home and then went to the airport to get Kate. More shopping on the way home, dropping in at the shop to say hello to Hubby, making it home by 2.30pm. What a hectic day. I have already made one batch of German relish and have a second lot ready to go. That leaves 20kg of tomatoes to bottle tomorrow. Bed is calling, but its News Years Eve, with fireworks and a thunder storm sometime after Midnight. I know that sleep will be in short supply, as Smudge our dog will be needing me to comfort her all nigh!!!
thanks for stopping.

PS Will post some photos of my Collection squares tomorrow. I manage to get 50 made this week.

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