Sunday, July 12, 2009

Need to get back on track

Sorry for not posting for a while, too much has been happening. On the good news front my beautiful daughter (their all beautiful) has got engaged to a lovely man. Very exciting news for us all. Wedding plans are underway, there is so much to do. The wedding will be next year late January(God Willing). The photos are of the ring and Leah. Taken with my new camera. Leah was in a wedding about 2 weeks ago. Already it seems like ages. The shop continues to be busy, our new time table is out and classes filling. Plans for our all day scrap to be held 5th September are under way. Over 50 people have booked in already. So if you are thinking about joining us, don't leave it too late. On the sad news front, my very special Dad has had a stroke. He is doing well, able to move his limbs and follow instructions. He knows family and most close friends and is able to say their names if asked. He is unable to talk very much, if asked a question he just says yes. He can repeat phrases if ask to. His recovery will take time. How much we take what we have for granted. Its not until it is taken away that we realise in full how blessed we really are. Will post again soon.




  1. Glad to hear from you! Love the ring. Have been praying for you all since hearing on Thursday. May your dad's recovery continue steadily and may He provide all that you and your family need at this time. See you Thursday. Sue

  2. Congratulations on the engagement news - some good photo opportunities coming up! I hope your Dad's recovery goes well. With a wedding coming up it might be just the thing for him to look forward to and help speed up the recovery process. My thoughts are with you Jane. Sonia x