Sunday, May 03, 2009

Where did April Go, if you find it can you return it to Me!!!

That month just flew by and I had such great plans for posting every couple of days, or at lest twice a week. Too late now was the cry. Have to try better next time. I have the fun of hosting Addicted to crafts blog for the week starting Monday. I will be posting some of my layouts I have done for them. I thought I should show you some of my favorite layouts over this month. Starting today - one of my son and husband on the pirate ship ride at Water World. I hate rides, even the Ferris wheel at the show is too much for me. So this photo was a true test of love. Josh was determined for me to experience at lest one ride at the theme park. And as a good Mum I agreed if I could take a photo(spoken by a true scrapbooking addict). So I climb on and shut my eyes, so far so good. Then it started and after a couple of swings backward and forward I knew I was in big big trouble. Holding on with one hand and clutching my camera in the other I opened my eyes and took the photo, then shut them for the rest of the ride. At the top of the swing of the ride my bottom was leaving the seat!!! and I only had one hand to hang on with otherwise my camera would have been hitting the head of the person in front. NOT GOOD and NEVER AGAIN. After a long long time it stopped and I was able to get off. I'm told that the view from the top of the ship over the whole park is fanstic, I have to take their word for it.

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